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27 Incredibly Beautiful Weddings Later...

27 incredibly beautiful weddings later... 
It's been a busy one but I have loved every single second. I feel so blessed to have met the most in love and kindest couples. 
Heres a few of 2017s highlights...

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Let's hear it for the boys...

Grooms Top Tips

It's ok to be nervous boys! While Andy looks very dapper and on top form, he was shaking like a leaf and this was the third time in that suit! I'll just quickly explain that... once to marry Becky in Greece, then to celebrate their wedding in England and then for this after wedding shoot in the Lake District.

As soon as Becky appeared though you could see his nerves instantly disperse and we even caught a few smiles. 
Wedding planning... support her/him, trust me, cliche I know, but 'she/he has been dreaming off this day her/his whole life'. She/he may get a tad stressed now and then, it's completely normal, it is, really! Your cool and collected spouse may go a bit BRIDE/GROOMZILLA occasionally, she/he's allowed...just this once hehe!

Choose your suit with the theme of your wedding in mind, don't rush into it, styles do change! But, please also go for what YOU feel comfortable, it's your day t…

The Wedding Industry Awards - I'm a Regional Finalist and Shortlisted Newcomer!

The Wedding Industry Awards hosted the best night last night at Fazeley Studios. It was my first year entering overwhelmed to be a Regional Finalist - Best Wedding Photographer and a Shortlisted Best Newcomer. Congratulations to the winners!

And just look at the wonderful feedback I received from some of my clients.
The nicest and sweetest person ever. Paired with the fact Ella is extremely talented. Was perfect in every way for our wedding functions. Made us feel really comfortable and as blended in as though she was part of our family and friends. Ella did everything she said she would and delivered earlier than anticipated in the sweetest packaging. Great communication and fantastic pictures.
Ella did amazingly well on the day, my husband didn't want the day to be over taken with thousands of photographs and Ella really did well at getting everything we needed and doing it quickly and without any fuss so that we could get on with celebrating. She was so discreet throughout the re…

Lavender Girls

My favourite place in the country is the Cotswolds, whenever the weather, but Lavender in August may be the best! 
Look at these naturals! Well done Millie, Mollie and Imogen. You were fab!